Monday, 8 December 2008

Caffe del Doge - Venice

A few weeks ago I went to Venice where I visited Caffe del Doge. This place should be on every coffee lovers list of must-visit cafes. On offer were eight single origin espressos as well as their 100% arabica and 50% arabica/50% robusta espressos and a decaffeinated one. You could also try all of these coffees in a French press as well. This is one of the most serious cafes I have been to and this really reflects itself in the variety and quality of the coffee that makes it into the cup. These people are serious about coffee in a way that lifts them to the top of the Italian coffee community. I just wish I had been able to stay longer than two days in order to have enjoyed more of their fine coffees. But don't despair if you don't live in Venice - there are also locations in Cairo, Palo Alto, and Tokyo where you can pop in and enjoy a quick late macchiatto!

Caffe Dogge

Check out the setup above - eight grinders - each dedicated to grind a different single origin espresso. And don't forget to notice the piston-driven lever-style Brasillia espresso machine.

The quote below is printed on the wall above the espresso machines.

"Il caffè è un'accademia questa accademia non si insegna niente, ma si imparano la socievolezza e il disincanto. Si può' chiacchierare, raccontare, ma non è possibile predicare, tenere comizi, far lezione". da Microcosmi

“Coffee is a platonic academy…..where no lessons are taught, but where one learns to socialize and to be enchanted. One can chat and gossip but it is forbidden to preach, lecture or instruct.”

-from Claudio Magris' Micronismi

And a view of the exterior on a grim day in late November:


They also give out these cool little trading cards for each of their single origen coffees (click the image to see the card at a larger, readable size):






Guatemala HueHue

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