Tuesday 27 October 2009

Crescent Moon: Bringing Great Coffee to Rural South Jersey

It has been over a year since I spent an afternoon with Sharon and Ron Vacarello and a few of their baristi at Crescent Moon Coffee and Tea, when I recorded this episode of the starbarista podcast. They do a fantastic job runnning an independent coffee shop and roastery in rural South Jersey in the USA. Have a listen as they tell us how they decided to roast beans themselves in order to ensure the highest quality, that local farmers stop in for espressos, and how they have taught young people the skills to go on and work for highly regarded coffee companies like Intelligentsia and Stumptown.


Miguel Ángel Hernández said...


Lamentablemente, por los momentos no uso Twitter, aunque la idea de conversaciones y discusiones sobre café es muy buena.



Brian Jones said...

Estoy en acuerdo que ws lamentable que no usas Twitter! Existe un gran y vibrante red de personas con interés de café en la lengua inglés en Twitter. Por los momentos no existe la misma en español. Pienso que existe muchas posibilidades en Twitter para las personas quien hablan español (baristas, cultivadores, tostadores, y afficianados).
Que es tu conneccion al café?

Somerset wedding gal said...

They look like lovely, friendly people!

AFPAK said...

Very good coffee.
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