Monday 14 April 2008

Gwilym: It's All About The Coffee.

Welcome to the first episode of the starbarista podcasts. This time around we hear from Gwilym, a veteran barista with loads of experience under his belt. Having first worked in the burgeoning coffee scene in New Zealand ten years ago, he can now be found pulling espressos using Square Mile coffee at two popular London markets. starbarista recently caught up with him on Whitecross Market where his cart is open for business Monday to Friday. He is also at the Columbia Road Flower Market every Sunday. (Note: At the time of recording Gwilym was using beans from a different London roastery.)

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Maria da Penha said...

Hey Brian, I liked the podcast. Good to know that the coffee from Brazil is good. You know, it's easier to understand British English than American? I love the British accent. Maria da Penha